The Golden Owl of Athena Slot Review


About Betsoft’s The Golden Owl of Athena Slot

Betsoft’s latest innovation, the Golden Owl of Athena, is an online slot based on ancient Greek mythology. It has 5 reels and 10 pay lines with stunning visuals that are sure to please any player who enjoys sleek 3D video slots like this one!

The Golden Owl has a lot of wisdom and commands great respect among the human population. Athena, goddesses’ wits accompany this small creature; this scatter knowledge can be found anywhere – even on your kitchen table! When it lands in any position during normal play (and if you’re lucky enough for 20 free spins), then imagine what kind of impressive prizes might appear: Mount Olympus as background scenery doesn’t hurt either 😉 The game is available at low odds, starting from 0 .1 coins up until everyone’s favourite gambling device-the Slot Machine itself comes into action where all bets become useless.

Athena and other Game Symbols

Athena and other Game Symbols

The goddess of wisdom, Athena, is the most lucrative symbol. Other symbols you should expect include mighty Zeus’s home -the elegant Olympus Temple- as well as his spear and helmet; some trees represent knowledge (i.e., a tree of knowledge)and cups for drink offerings during rituals conducted by ARCHERY priestesses!

Play Golden Owl of Athena Online Slot and Win

Betsoft’s newest title played in the backdrop of Mount Olympus on a 5×3 setup and 10 fixed pay lines. Choose your desired bet size from a range before you hit the “play button.” These options are adjustable anytime as needed based on what works best for you – big wins will come when completing high-value symbols or big bets with smaller amounts placed into play!

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Special Bonus Features

  • Free Spins

The Golden Owl scatter symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. When it appears in your spins, you will be awarded an extra gold coin that can expand to boost winnings by huge margins!

  • The Buy Feature

Betsoft’s latest releases, such as Faerie Spells and Yak Yeti, make use of the “buy feature,” which is an exclusive offered by Bet Sort. Other popular games like Dragon Kings have also included this new mechanic in their design.

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  • The Golden Wild

The Golden Owl wild of Athena is a Scatter substitute that can complete winning combinations.

  • Double Up Feature

The Double Up game is a gambling option where you can gamble your wins and make twice as much. If the risky side involves predicting which way landings will fall, then it’s possible for a whole or half of one’s fortune to be lost if things go wrong in this prediction process; however, there are other options available besides just taking risks with all investments–you may choose not have any chance whatsoever at winning anything by avoiding these types entirely!

Golden Owl of Athena Mobile Play

The slot is so awesome that you’ll want to play it on any device, even your phone! This company has optimized their games for mobile devices, and they’re just as fun.


Betsoft’s Golden Owl of Athena presents an exciting front with some great features below, delivered through the immersive ancient Greek culture. This slot may not offer much action, but your odds of triggering a win are pretty good! There is only one possible payout in this game which forms at 562000 coins – so you can expect maximum returns on all wins made by playing it safe and risking nothing else than finesse credits up until now? Try out Betsoft’s free casino games version before deciding if they’re right where you want to be.